10.0/75-15.3 10PR (10 ply rating) Supreme Terraino Tyre, TL




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10.0/75-15.3 10ply Supreme Terraino Traction tyre

Suitable for Dumper and Farm use

Equivalent in size to the 255/75-15.3 tyre

This tyre is a:

10.0/75-15.3  10ply (10PR) Supreme Terraino tractive tyre, Tubelss

This tyre is dual marked with the metric variant 260/75-15.3

It is a suitable replecament (in pairs) for the alternative metric marked 255/75-15.3 tyre often found as original equipment on some machines.

Max. Load:

128A6 Non-Driven: 1800kg per tyre at 19mph

123A8 Driven: 1550kg per tyre at 20mph

It is typically used for:

farm equipment and dumpers

Made in India