18x8.50-8 4PR 73A4 Kenda Hole-N-1 Golf Cart Tyre




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18x8.50-8 4ply (4PR) Kenda Hole-N-1 Tyre


This is a smooth riding tyre designed primarily for golf carts and closed community vehicles with a tread pattern, compound and construction to provide durability, ride comfort and stability.


Kenda have been manufacturing tyres and inner tubes in Taiwan since 1962, expanding with additional factories now in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. These tyres are made in their Vietnam factory.


Max. Load:

365kg per tyre


Max. Inflation Pressure:

22 psi


These tyres are typically used for:

Golf Carts, Buggies and Estate vehicles


Price displayed includes VAT and Standard Delivery (exclusions apply).

This is a Tubeless Tyre, but an inner tube may be used (sold separately).



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