Not sure what tyre or tube you need?

Not sure what tyre or tube you need?
28 Sep 2021

It can be quite confusing trying to determine what your tyre or tube size is and elsewhere we can explain what all those numbers mean on the side of your tyre but if you are looking to replace a tyre or replace/fit a new inner tube you don't really need to understand it all, just make the right notes and you should be able to find it on our site - if you want to be sure, check or ask for more help just drop us an email, with a couple of pictures of the tyre if you are able, to Postroom and we'll be happy to help.

1. Look in the owners manual. This should be a good place to find the manufacturers recommendations for the tyres on your mower, atv, trailer or any other machine, but do be careful. Manufacturers often mis-quote the size, fit something else without updating the manual, or simply use a part number in the hope that you'll simply order it as a spare part and pay several times the price for it. By all means use it for guidance but always double check by looking at the tyre itself.

2. Look carefully at the tyre itself. It sounds obvious but although all the information should be moulded into the sidewall, some important bits can be missed. If the numbers are difficult to read where they have been rubbed off (repeated kerbing can easily buff the sidewall smooth!) have a look at the other side of that tyre, most manufacturers mould the information on both sides.

Make a note of the string of numbers and then you can type that in our search bar. The tyre size may look like any of these examples:

3.00-4     10x4     8x3.00-4     4.80/4.00-8     13.6/12R24     155/70R12C     155/70R12     145R10     25x8-12   and there are others...

Don't worry if the format is slightly or largely different, you should be able to search and find the right tyre.

3. Match the tube to the tyre size. Inner tubes are usually printed with the tyre sizes they can be used in but abbreviations are often used and sometimes, the wrong inner tube may have been fitted in the past, so don't rely solely on what size the old tube carries. A Land Rover tube (16" wheel) fitted in a Ford Transit minibus (1990's 14" wheel) failed on London Bridge, 5pm on a Friday night. The wrong tube will often work for a little while...

We list our inner tubes by the tyre size to make it easier to find. They are designed to work in a defined range of more than one tyre size, specified by the markings printed on the tube. An inner tube suitable for both an 18x8.50-8 golf buggy tyre and an 18x9.50-8 mower tyre may be printed with the abbreviated marking 18x8.50/9.50-8

Golden Rule?

If you are at all unsure, check. The simplest way for us to help you is to email one or two pictures to us and let us advise. If we don't have what you need, we'll try to point you in the right direction.

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Not sure what tyre or tube you need?

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